The Greater Washington area encompasses the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; and Richmond, VA. One of the world’s best areas to live, work and build a business. Home to world recognized universities and research institutions, market leading corporations and entrepreneurs, dynamic urban centers and cultural capitals, advanced transportation gateways and a diversity of peoples. The Greater Washington area is a global center of commerce and innovation.

Presently, our energies and resources are focused on strategically investing in
purchasing or developing workforce multifamily apartments in the Greater Washington area. We define affordable workforce multifamily rentals as housing that is accessible to households earning an annual income of between 30% - 120% of the Family Median Income (FMI).


By 2022, we intend to own and manage a diversified portfolio of more than 2500 multifamily rental apartments within the Greater Washington area, and deliver stable financial returns and appreciation to our investment partners.
We endeavor to structure and underwrite each property purchase or development project to deliver financial returns on invested equity. These assets may serve the public or may serve an age restricted market such as seniors, special groups such as veterans or teachers, or be restricted to renting to persons within defined annual income limits.

We have a three-pronged approach to building a diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio:

  • Purchase underperforming multifamily properties and add economic value through targeted capital investments and operational improvements. We do not rely on macro-economic momentum to realize value creation; rather we focus on making the heavy lift to modernize and reposition assets;

  • Develop affordable senior facilities that capture a wholly underserved segment of our population. This asset type enjoys above average occupancy rates, lower rental rate volatility, and has proven to be a good hedge against a dip in the real estate cycle;

  • Build new workforce housing in well-located development sites within revitalizing neighborhoods to support the long-term economic growth of the community. In some instances, commercial or retail space may be included to maximize value and amenity creation.

We have proven ability to raise debt and equity financing and to structure successful partnerships. We have the financial strength to bring transactions to a successful closing; partially attributed to our strong, long-standing relationships with numerous banks and equity providers. We recognize this and have extensive experience not only working closely with municipalities, but we understand the various financing mechanisms and the various ways of structuring projects to ensure their success.